About us

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Who are we?

Counter-culture eclectic underbelly of the beast!

Well that's what we came up with in our first meeting.A Community Level Approach to Local Interests.

Seriously though...

We are just a group of people who live, work and play in the area and want to read about local interests, local events, and local issues in a local paper. We hope that it can make a positive difference and help to better our community. Maybe we can even find out all the places the cool kids go and be the geek in the corner.

Read our paper and you'll soon see if this is the kind of thing for you. If it's not pass it on to someone you think may like it. Love it and want to join in the fun - get in touch!

The Guilty suspects - Editors

Richard Sitoski - Editor

The man with the red pen! When Richard gets the chance he'll add a pic and a bio here. Until then:

He is a fabulous cook. Still want more of that soup and other delectables I have tasted.

He also has a way with words - don't believe me then watch Rico's Rant.

Karen Houle - Doer of things

Shyness Reigns!!!

Also is trying to get her dog to listen to her although it did not make her 10things.

Karen Rosalie - Queen of Baked Goods and Coffee

Artist extroidinaire and poetress supreme. Look for her work in our pages. Along with articles on Glam on the cheap and pretty much our entire fashion and style section cause it certainly won't be written by me!

Owner operator of The wonderful River Cafe

The Hardworking - contributors

Melanie Knapp

Ms.Melanie Knapp is a being of integrity and toothpaste. she enjoys reading and writing and looks for a good brand of toothpaste. She is ahead of her game at times and at times snoozes through a test or exam. Catch her brushing her teeth at odd times of the day. Melanie is musical and plays piano and guitar. She especially shows her courage in her thoughtprovoking writing about the environment which you will see in this paper. Her heart is there with her passion for an earth that is cared about, noticed and celebrated. Crest or colgate she doesn't mind either one.

What people think about us?

Feedback is important to us. Let us know what you think.

Another project? Don't you have enough going on!!!???##%@!


No business plan? Why do you keep doing these things?

The In-Laws

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