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Just What is a Holiday?

A holiday.. Just what is a holiday? Is it a trip to the beach and a dinner out at a restaurant with a few bruskies, well not this time.. This time is was a canoe ride down a river and spotting a blue heron and sitting outside at a table and noticing a turtle strolling by. Can holidays be more ecologically friendly? I believe they can. Read more here.




Cloud watching. Free and tons of fun! Read more here.




Tom Thomson

CANADIAN SPIRIT: The Tom Thomson Experience

CANADIAN SPIRIT: The Tom Thomson Experience will make use of the Tom Thomson Art Gallery’s important collection of objects, photos, documents and artworks by Thomson as well as additional supporting work by his contemporaries and by artists working in diverse media who have been influenced by Thomson’s work or inspired by his story.

There is perhaps no other artist in Canadian history who has inspired other artists and permeated our national consciousness in the way that Thomson has. This cross-disciplinary exhibition will examine Thomson’s work, life and mythic death, and his influence, both direct and indirect, on Canadian art and culture.

CANADIAN SPIRIT is the initial exhibition that will see the South Gallery converted into a space devoted to Thomson, his story and his legacy.

Starts May 20, 2011 to Sunday, January 8, 2012

For more information visit the Tom Thomson site