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To the Around the Sound COmmunity


Thank you again for all your kind words about Around the Sound and to those who washed dishes and linens, helped with estimates of losses, lugged equipment and took - gulp - $24,000 worth of stock for disposal. So many people worked so hard to make our little store a part of our community and it is still hard to go past that corner every day and realize it is gone. As far as we know, the building is going to be torn down, so we have the sign in safe keeping (just in case we need it).



Many of you have offered help and it is truly appreciated. This is our current situation. The insurance claim has not yet been finalized, but will be in the next month or so. This will be step one. Insurance is intended to return you to your "pre-disaster" state. Unfortunately, our insurance agent has indicated that he does not believe he sold us adequate insurance to cover the assets of the store. Even if he had, insurance would not cover the costs of first opening the business, then moving it, then building the Community Kitchen - the signage, advertising, painting, building and growing expenses. That money was loaned to me by people who believed in the vision and in my ability to bring it to life in our community. They were personal loans to me, some quite generous, and it is my responsibility to pay those off before any more money is borrowed for a future store.


Local naturopathic doctor Kathleen Finlay (no relation, just one of those delightful serendipities of life) recognized that the past had to be tied up before we could seriously discuss any future for Around the Sound, and she launched a fundraising campaign to help me pay off the Around the Sound debt. You can offer any amount, and each contribution will enter you in a draw for a number of generous gifts donated by local businesses. Donations can be made in person at Trophies Two - two doors north of City Hall, or on-line at this site .



We continue to look for a new store site that will offer adequate parking, access on foot, bike and bus, visibility, and enough square feet for Kelda's New Kitchen. We are still talking about financing possibilities, ownership structure,and new suppliers, all within the original vision of providing local food to local people. If you want to be part of the future of Around the Sound, please email me and I will be sure you receive information about our progress and invitations to future gatherings. Always feel free to send me ideas or call me at 371-3933. Again, my thanks to Kathleen for seeing that you have to climb out of the hole before you can let yourself dream about a new start. See you all soon.


Why are you starting this?

Another project? Don't you have enough going on!!!???##%@!


No business plan? Why do you keep doing these things?

The In-Laws

Meet up for coffee tomorrow?


When will you have all the pages up?

I was looking around your site but all I'm getting are empty pages. You people open for business or what?

JD. Paul

Great start, but when will it be ALL up?

Tamra King